Laser Dentistry

Lasers are a state of the art technology used to remove decay in teeth. They can also be used to correct periodontal “gum tissue” problems. Often this can be done without the need for novocaine. Lasers are much kinder to the tooth structure and gum tissue than traditional drills and scalpels. Lasers create less damage to the area, and therefore, cause less sensitivity during and after the procedure. They offer a much more comfortable dental experience for adults and children.

We also offer preventative laser technology which can detect bacteria within the tooth structure. Such technology helps treat patients with the least invasive and most preventative dentistry available.

Root Canal Therapy

Lasers have been found useful in sterilizing root canals treatments. Eliminating bacteria in the canal space can increase the prognosis and longevity of a root canal treatment.

If you are searching for Root Canal Therapy or a Laser Dentistry in the Suffield CT area, please call AGN Dental today to schedule your free consultation!

Laser technology offers a non-invasive option for dealing with tooth and gum problems. If you’d like to receive exceptional dentist services in Granby CT area look no further than AGN Dental Associates.

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